Child with limeSo 2012 was the year of bacon, cupcakes (or bacon topped cupcakes), kale, gluten-free diets, and locally farmed foods. What food trends will pop up in the New Year?

I’ve been looking through various sources online to see what’s in and what’s out (sadly, gourmet tacos may have had their heyday–except at my house, where they’re always in!).

Here are a few predictions from food industry insiders, along with a quick tip about how you can start being “trendy” right now:


SOUR. Yes, it’s the year of sour! (Fist pump here). My youngest will be thrilled. Santa gave her not one, but two bottles of pickles in her stocking and she couldn’t have been happier. Tip: Adding a bit of acidic twang to regular dishes is easy and instantly brightens the other flavors. I often squeeze a bit of fresh lime or lemon to dishes, smoothies, salads, just before serving.


SMOKE. Infusing everything from food to drinks with smoke is supposed to be big this year. We smoked our turkey this past Thanksgiving using hickory chips in our gas grill–tastE. Tip: Forget the bottle of liquid instant smoke which has a strange chemically taste if you ask me. I add a hit of Trader Joe’s Smoked Paprika to savory dishes.


VEGETABLES. Veggies are taking over the plate in 2013. They’re no longer stuck in the “side dish” category. We’ve been trying to add more vegetables on our dinner plates. Tip: Embrace Meatless Mondays and have an all-veggie meal once a week (or more!).


POPCORN. The kernels are taking over. Dig out your old air popper if you want to have a the “it” snack. Tip: I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like fun–DIY microwave popcorn.


My official painting outfit--it gets lots of use!

My official painting outfit–it gets lots of use…

ELBOW GREASE. From theKitchn, my personal favorite ingredient for the year–elbow grease! Since I’m in the midst of updating my kitchen, I understand the appeal–and challenges–of using this ingredient. Tip: My old bathrobe serves as a quick cover when I have just a minute to paint. It’s easy to throw on over my regular clothes–and there’s nothing cooler than a woman in a blue-striped bathrobe with pink edges holding a paintbrush!







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