About squid mom

Food should be fun. And flavorful. And creative. When those three elements combine, kids will try just about anything. MyKidsEatSquid shares recipes, tips, and plenty of ideas that inspire both kids and adults to become adventurous eaters.

From Thai satay to raspberry truffle cheesecake to calamari with lemon alioli (yes, it’s true, my kids do eat squid), MKES brings ingredients and culinary traditions from across the globe into the kitchen. By mixing ethnic specialties with familiar supermarket standbys, MKES helps families sample a bit of the world through their tastebuds.

About Kristen J. Gough.

I’m a freelance writer, recipe developer, and—most importantly—mother of three. My work has appeared in KIWI, Parenting, Parents, Relish, USAA Magazine, BabyZone.com, BettyConfidential.com, and Yahoo Shine!. I’m currently a contributing editor for MetroParent magazine, the regional parenting publication of the greater Detroit area.

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MyKidsEatSquid helps kids become adventurous eaters with recipes, tips, and ideas for bringing new foods onto your family’s dinner table.